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Wireforce has a large factory in Lusaka, producing high quality kitchen and bedroom units. They also make excellent flush and solid panel hardwood doors from mukwa wood. The kitchen units produced are professionally finished and the fitted wardrobes are made to measure according to the clients' requirements.
Kitchen units for fitted kitchens
Wardrobe units for design-led bedrooms
Designer will help with the planning
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Doors and Rhino products

Wireforce Zambia manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of flush and solid panel hardwood doors made from mukwa. These doors can be custom made according to requirements, or bought off the shelf. Door styles include Constantia security doors, Caribbean security doors and double sided wooden doors.
A flexible production process for custom designs
Comprehensive range of doors and Rhino products
The highest standards for quality, design and durability
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Steel products

Wireforce is recognised as one of the largest manufacturers of steel products including conforce wire, brick force wire, diamond mesh wire, razor wire, tying wire, barbed wire, fence wire and wire nails. Their team's extensive knowledge about manufacturing steel products enables this company to supply high quality products.
Manufacturers of a full range of well-crafted steel products
Industry-leading manufacturing and processing equipment
Readily available inventory
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